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Inventor: Beginner

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This course will provide users with a thorough understanding of the principal 3D design, validation, and documentation processes necessary for developing products using Autodesk Inventor. After completion, users will: * Capture design intent by using the proper techniques and recommended workflows for creating intelligent 3D parametric part * Create, place, and constrain custom and standard components in an assembly * Simulate mechanisms, animate assembly designs, and check for interferences * Document designs using base, projected, section, detail, and isometric drawing views * Document assemblies using standard and exploded drawing views * Follow drafting standards while dimensioning and annotating drawing views with automated balloons and parts lists.



This course ware is designed for new Autodesk Inventor users.



No previous CAD experience is necessary. Working knowledge of the following: * Drafting, design, or mechanical engineering principles. * Microsoft® Windows® Vista or Microsoft® Windows® XP.



* Introduction to Autodesk Inventor * Creating Base Features * Sketching Geometry * Additional Sketching Tools * Sketched Secondary Features * Creating pick and placed features * Work Features * Equations * Model and display manipulation * Fixing Problems * Sweep Features * Loft Features * Duplication Tools * Feature Relationships and much much more

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    Getting Started

    • Autodesk inventor user interface
    • Designing parametric parts
    • Using project files for part design
    • Creating 2D and basic sketches
    • Geometric constraints
    • Intermediate sketching
    • Editing parametric parts
    • Creating work features
    • Creating basic swept shapes
    • Creating chamfers and fillets
    • Creating holes and threads
    • Patterning and mirroring features
    • Creating thin-walled parts
    • Designing assemblies
    • Using project files for assembly design
    • Placing existing components in an assembly
    • Constraining components
    • Placing standard components using the content center
    • Basic part design in an assembly
    • Identifying parts in an assembly
    • Analysis and motion yools
    • Presenting your assembly
    • Drawing creation environment
    • Base and projected views
    • Section views
    • Detail views
    • Managing views
    • Automated dimensioning techniques
    • Manual dimensioning techniques
    • Annotating holes and threads
    • Creating centerlines, symbols and leaders
    • Creating tables
    • Bill of materials
    • Creating and customizing parts lists
    • Creating balloons
    • Setting drawing standards
    • Drawing resources

    2 reviews for Inventor: Beginner

    1. Moydh Alqarni

      Excellent courses.

    2. Stuart W.

      I have had the pleasure in attending several courses in the London branch of Academy Class, and look forward to attending more in the future. No matter how large the group, each instructor is fully attentive to individual needs and ensures you all leave with the same understanding of the software packages you are their to learn. At the end of your course you are provided with a certificate of completion, and a manual on the software to assist you once you’ve left, not to mention the free email support and the opportunity to re-sit the course within six months if you are not entirely confident…. Facilities are fantastic, all rooms are kitted out with Macs, Pcs, graphic tablets and of course the most up to date software… Their is a breakout room with sofas and hot drinks facilities and of course a really friendly team…

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