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Muse: Beginner

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This is delivered as a Live Online “Virtual Class” – What is a Virtual Class? More info here

Adobe Muse is for those new to web design that want to build websites without learning HTML and CSS. Muse is a great tool for small to medium sized web projects for those that have no web experience. Muse enables you to build a website using familiar knowledge from InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. You will learn to use Master pages, incorporate images, set up navigation, and publish your website in this 2 day class.



For designers who would like to produce professional websites without coding.



To gain the most from this class, students should be familiar with the web and its terminology.


  • What is Adobe Muse?
  • Creating your site
  • Planning Your Website and Designing Pages
  • Working with Text in Adobe Muse
  • Navigation, Links and Buttons
  • Graphics, Images and the Look of your Site
  • More Complex Content
  • Publishing Websites

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What is Adobe Muse?

  • How Muse differs from Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Creating “drag & drop” websites without writing code
  • How Muse is similar to InDesign and the Creative Suite applications
  • Understanding the Adobe Muse website development workflow

Creating Your Site

  • Starting with a site file and how this is similar to starting with Adobe InDesign files
  • Understanding the differences between fixed and fluid widths
  • How margins in Muse are similar to margins in InDesign

Planning Your Website & Designing Pages

  • Utilizing the Muse plan view to add and organize your web pages
  • Taking advantage of the flexibility of adding pages down the line
  • Applying the default master page to the entire website
  • Adding navigation to the header and footer
  • Using page guides to define the size of the header and footer

Graphics, Images and the Look of your Site

  • Understanding the difference between RGB and CMYK
  • Working with “Web Safe” colors
  • Ensuring images are 72ppi, or “low resolution” for fast downloads
  • How Muse automatically adjusts placed images to 72ppi
  • Copying and pasting .GIF, .JPG, .PNG or Photoshop (PSD) files directly into Muse
  • What file format is the best choice for each image
  • Adding color and a background image to your master page
  • Ensuring a background image is the proper size for your site
  • Using the Muse control panel and similarities between other Adobe applications
  • Creating 100% width content that stretch to the width of the browser window

Navigation, Links & Buttons

  • Understanding that navigation is one of the foundations of your site
  • Making sure your planned website and navigation are consistent
  • Adding global navigation by dragging and dropping
  • Adding internal and external links
  • Changing the appearance of links with edit link styles
  • Adding buttons with different appearances and working with rollover buttons

Working with Text in Adobe Muse

  • Typing or pasting text in Muse and understanding formatting options
  • Working with column guides
  • Using web safe fonts to ensure a consistent user experience
  • How fonts are measured differently for web (pixels) instead of points as in print applications
  • What is CSS and how Muse automatically utilizes these styles
  • Tips on adding text that is “Google friendly”

More Complex Content

  • Adding pin content so a button can float above the rest of the page
  • Using the link anchor button to jump from one area on a page to another
  • Adding slideshows and maps to your site

Publishing Websites

  • Deciding on a host: whether you are using Adobe Business Catalyst or another host
  • Choosing and obtaining your URL
  • If using a non-Adobe host, learn how to export your HTML and upload it

5 reviews for Muse: Beginner

  1. Simon House

    This is the second course I have attended with Academy Class, which in itself should tell you something, but the standard of delivery and content is very good and the Trainer, Ian Gilbert, was very approachable and knowledgeable – answering all of my questions and giving me the opportunity to practice specific skills that I wanted to use in my own business area even if they were not intended in the syllabus. After you attend the course you are given access to a suite of online tutorial videos to help you refresh your learning. The location of the office is just out of town (approx 20 minute walk from Piccadilly Station) and has very good facilities and an on site canteen. Lunch was provided (value of £5) each day in the canteen.

  2. Paul Long

    The whole course delivered through Academy Class stood head and shoulders above what I expected, it was a very professional yet friendly and relaxed environment. The lecturers were able to teach not only the course software but also and very usefully introduce cross over elements helping to broaden the way I use and see my Adobe suite. I have already recommended Creative Class to my colleagues and friends and intend to return in the near future for further courses as its more than value for money, its an experience!

  3. Abi Y.

    I have just completed 3 weeks of training with AC & feel confident in my new found skills. They are helpful & attentive and they do their best to tailor the course to the needs of the small numbered classes. If you are looking for an Adobe course, I would really recommend using AC.

  4. Claudia Black

    Instructor has a great understanding of the content. Very useful, now designing everything QUICKLY, and also using functions I was not aware of to better my materials. Thank you for inspiring my learning all over again!

  5. Paul Reed

    I would recommend Academy Class to anyone looking to learn how to use Adobe products – the lessons take place in a relaxed environment with industry professionals, and they take time to make each project enjoyable and easy to follow. The service overall was excellent and I will continue to use AC for future training.

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