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Revit Architecture: Intermediate

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The objective of this Revit training course is to give delegates the skills to use the tools and advanced techniques for creating complex designs and professional looking renders, creating and customising objects and collaborating on designs with other members of their team using Revit Architecture.

This course offers both imperial and metric hands-on exercises representing real-world architectural design scenarios.



This course has been designed for experienced Autodesk Revit Architecture users.



Delegates should have attended the Revit Architecture 101 Yellow Belt course or have the equivalent knowledge using Revit Architecture. Architectural design, drafting or engineering experience is also highly recommended.



This course covers a wide range of advance level topics in Revit Architecture, continuing to build on the concepts covered in the Revit 101 Yellow Belt course. Delegates will learn about site design, advanced rendering techniques, phasing and design options, creating families of custom components and collaborating on a design.

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Course Times:

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 13:00 – 14:00

14:00 – 16:30

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London HQ

12-13 Clerkenwell Green


Universal Square
Devonshire Street
M12 6JH




    System Families II

    • Creating custom wall, floor and roof types
    • Layered structure
    • Wall Sections with profile sweeps and reveals
    • Editing wall, floor and roof profiles
    • Wall properties: length, area, volume
    • Walls hosting walls: embedded walls
    • Stacked walls


    • Create parts
    • Separating subcomponents of compound objects
    • Illustrating composition of walls, floors and roofs

    Family Editor

    • Family templates
    • Customizing tags and markers
    • Customizing tags to extract data from the model
    • Creating parametric components
    • Reference planes
    • Parameters
    • Creating family types
    • Solid and void forms
    • Extrusion, sweep, blend and revolve

    Space Planning II

    • Area analysis
    • Gross and rent-able areas
    • Creating area plans
    • Placing area boundaries
    • Area types
    • Area schemes
    • Area schedules
    • Creating colour schemes and legend

    Solar Study

    • Site location
    • Sun settings
    • Showing interactive sun path
    • Shadows and ambient shadows
    • Still, single and multi-day studies
    • Summer and winter solstice
    • Spring and autumn equinox
    • Analemma path
    • Export solar study as animation

    Visualization/Graphic display options

    • Hiding objects in views
    • Graphic display options
    • Making objects transparent
    • Sketch lines effects
    • Smooth lines and anti-aliasing
    • Silhouettes
    • Exploded views


    • Exterior renderings
    • Sun location
    • Sky
    • Background
    • Interior renderings
    • Camera views
    • Sun and artificial lighting
    • Photometric lighting
    • Grouping lights
    • Materials
    • Using rich photographic content
    • Using decals
    • Adjust exposure


    • Creating and editing walkthroughs
    • Exporting walkthrough animations

    Model Text

    • Place Model Text on any face or reference plane

    Importing & Linking Files

    • Revit files
    • DWG and DWF files
    • Image files

    Creating Legends

    • Adding legend components
    • Door and window legends
    • Symbols legend
    • Importing AutoCAD legends




    • Working as a team on a single model
    • Setting up worksets
    • Setting up a central model
    • Loading a local copy
    • Synchronization with the central model
    • Ownership and permissions


    6 reviews for Revit Architecture: Intermediate

    1. Leandro 

      I have attended the Revit Architecture Green belt + Revit Architecture User exam and I would say the tutor was really knowledgeable and he gave us all the information we need to prepare ourselves for the exam. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to get the basic knowledge of this software.

    2. Natalie Shipp

      Great training with Academy Class- would really recommend this and have learnt so much! Trainers and staff are fantastic and very accommodating. Look forward to using the design programmes and hopefully attending some more courses in the future! Thanks Guy’s.

    3. Dal

      We overcame some initial issues which lead to a very enjoyable and inclusive experience

    4. Antonio

      Exceeded my expectations, learned everything that was scheduled, and some more advanced stuff as a bonus. great course

    5. Marius

      Would be good to get a manual or written text to take away at the completion of the course

    6. Rashad

      An informative course. Covers a lot.

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