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SketchUp: Beginner

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This is delivered as a Live Online “Virtual Class” – What is a Virtual Class? More info here

Who Should Attend

Anyone wanting to develop their digital design skills and create accurate 2D images and 3D models to visualise space. This course is for beginners. Suitable for designers from all backgrounds from interior designers, architects, theatre and film as well as artists and craftspeople.

Course Description

Creating 3D drawings quickly and easily is a valuable skill in any design practice and can significantly enhance your professional communication and presentation. Sketch Up Make is a free 3D modelling software, available as a free download, making it accessible for all.

From 2D plans and elevations to 3D rendered objects and interiors.

You will be taught the basic principles of Sketch Up, enabling to tap into its potential as you will be introduced you to its interface, tools, drawing floor plans and  shapes in 2D and how to switch to a 3D working environment, to create interiors,  importing furniture , materials and textures.

Topics Covered
  • Program overview, interface and settings for PC and Mac
  • Axes, inferences, use of the mouse while navigating in space
  • Introduction to the edit menu, large tool set
  • Drawing in 2D
  • Practising with standard tools for creating simple geometry
  • Copying, moving and rotating object in 3D
  • How to import DWG ( CAD )  plans as JPG, scaling and retracing
  • Creating a 3D model from a floor plan
  • 3D Warehouse: importing furniture, scaling, rotating, moving
  • Bucket tool- importing textures, images and rendering modes
  • How to set up views and how to print


    Manual/book presentation

    – Settings PC vs MAC

    – Edit Menu and Large Tool Set

    – Axes – 2D vs 3D

    – Inferences / Snapping

    – The use of mouse in Sketch Up

    – Navigating in space

    – Drawing basic 2D shapes and 3D forms

    – How to move and copy

    – Drawing a 2D plan from a survey

    – Drawing a 2D plan re-tracing a JPG

    – Push/Pull Tool: creating a 3D model from a 2D plan

    – Creating openings ( doors and windows ) using Tape Measure

    Tool for creating Guidelines

    – 3D Warehouse : importing furniture into your model

    – Locating furniture into your model : Scale – Rotate – Move

    – Previous lesson briefly re-cap

    – Students will have the opportunity to work on their own floor plan

    — Rendering your model importing Sketch Up default Materials

    and Textures- Paint Bucket Tool

    – Sketch Up sticky geometry

    – Groups and Components

    – Follow me tool : creating round extrusions

    – Section plane

    – How to set up and save views

    – Styles

    – How to print

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    1. Ellie

      Learning experience Rating: Thanks for a brilliant course. The teacher was excellent and having never opened up Sketch up before I came away really feeling like i had a good grasp of the program. Facilities Rating: Nice Student life Rating: Thanks again and I hope to come back to you for further courses in the future.

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