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UX / UI Design: Zero to HERO

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Become a UX master and Gain an industry recognised UX Certification from the BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT in 5 days!

The goal of this course is to guide you through the essential UX tools and processes as user research, personas, user stories, information architecture, visual design principles, prototypes and different kinds of testings.

After this course, you will be able to confidently manage UX processes by proven user-centred design framework based on the usability standard ISO 9241-210. This standard encapsulates best practice based on BCS(The independent certifying organisation The Chartered Institute for IT). ISO 9241-210 has been created by a team of international experts, and that sets out the fundamental competencies of UX field. In this course, you will gain competitive experience in various questions that will be asked in the BCS Foundation exam.

In parallel (alongside with the theory) students have three (3) different kinds of practice activities:

  • Quick wins
  • Short physical tasks relying on particular topics; tests after the lessons in which students demonstrate their knowledge by solving various issues in different test scenarios
  • And the biggest activity lasting up to 40 minutes every day where students build an interactive product

By the end of the course, students have strong UX knowledge, prepared for the BCS foundation exam and showcase of their first product prototypes

  • You are Design practitioner, developer, product manager, marketer, usability professional, or decision-maker who wants to take their skills to the next level and achieve the confidence in the UX market
  • Build and grow strategic partnerships for your business
  • Prepare UX portfolio with properly framed documentation
  • A clear understanding of step by step product building processes
  • In-depth knowledge of all UX roles and hence understanding where you fit the best in UX field and the responsibility of the UX lead
  • Choose an effective language to use in challenging conversations
  • Demonstrate your objectively proven skills in user experience teams and agencies – Become a successful and competitive specialist in fast-growing UX market
  • Gain the skills of the highly qualified researcher or tester
  • Increases business conversions and market shares with a good UX
  • Achieve professional competence to solve different kinds of issues
  • Confidently manage UX processes by proven, user centred design framework based on the usability standard ISO 9241-210
  • Be prepared for and take the BCS UX Certified exam

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This course will provide you the qualified knowledge and skills to pass the exam and achieve BSC sertificate in 9 syllabus areas:

    1. Guiding principles
  • Key principles of user centred design
  • Introduction of ISO9241 as an important standart in the field of usability
  • Clarify the differences between usability and user experience
  • Confidently identify user needs and goals
     2. User Research
  • State proper components of use
  • Craft methods of target audience interviewing
  • Define difference between observation and interpretation
  • Gather and analyse qualified user data
  • Develop research techniques and methods
    3. Illustrating the context of use
  • Identify potential users of your product or system
  • Create your product personas, interpret their needs
  • Clarify the Hick’s Law principle of relation between number of choises of user interface and the cognitive load
  • State and manage the elements of user stories
    4. Measuring Usability
  • Define usability in different terms of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction
  • Use behavioural data to identify good and poor design ideas
  • Choose between design alternatives using a/b testing method
  • Explain the value of iterative design
    5. Information Architecture
  • Create a structured experience from disorganised information
  • Develop a proper flow between a person and a product or service
  • Organise, structure and label content, functions and features
  • Contrast an implementation model, mental model and conceptual model


    6. Interaction Design
  • Confidently describe different user interface design patterns
  • Choose the correct interactive control in a user interface design
  • Easily define the concept of progressive disclosure
  • State the difference between interaction design and an information architecture
  • Define the importance of consistency in user interface design


    7. Interaction Design
  • Create user interface designs that exploit universal principles of visual design.
  • Identify good and poor page layouts
  • Choose the correct interactive control in a user interface design
  • Improve your research insights using eye tracking methodology
    8. Interface prototyping
  • Choose between different types of prototyping, for e.g. paper and electronics
  • Describe the differences between prototypes and sketches
  • Identify multiple different design solutions before deciding on a specific design solution
  • Sketch paper prototypes practically


    9. Usability Evaluation
  • Recall Jacob Nielsen’s Usability heuristics and other usability principles
  • State the different kinds of usability evaluation
  • Record the data from usability evaluations
  • Evaluate the usability of systems by applying usability heuristics.

Read the detailed syllabus  http://certifications.bcs.org/upload/pdf/swt-foundation-ux-syllabus.pdf

7 reviews for UX / UI Design: Zero to HERO

  1. Annmarie Millar, Cordia Services LLP

    The Academy Class trainer explained everything in a really clear and concise way, he was really friendly and approachable, answering all the questions that I had. The actual course content covered everything that I wanted to learn and I really enjoyed it!

  2. Gemma Middleton

    This is the second time I have used Academy Class and once again found the service impeccable. If you are looking for a company that delivers excellent training coupled with fantastic upfront support then look no further.

  3. Karen

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course, it was well structured, the content was excellent, it was interesting, fun and Ive no doubt has provided me with the tools I need for my future career development.

  4. Mia Worthington

    The UX Design course is one of the most practical and hands-on courses I’ve ever done; we were actively doing, not passively listening to theory.

  5. David Martin

    Adrian was really nice and had loads of knowledge, he was happy to answer any questions

  6. Sophie Williams

    thanks for a very insightful week 🙂

  7. Trishan Wijeranta

    I was never switched during any other course as I was in this course. Adrian has a good set of knowledge on the industry. And it was nice to have the one to one experience with him since it helped me overcome most of the questions I had about UX/UI. I would definitely recommend Adrian to anyone who is thinking to change careers to into UX/UI. About the course, I was hoping to have more on the UI as well. Perhaps how to use different types of softwares. We were only shown the Adobe XD. However, over all I am satisfied with the course.

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