Vectorworks 2d: Beginner

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Who Should Attend

Anyone wanting to develop their digital design skills using CAD (computer-aided design). Suitable for designers from all backgrounds from interior design, architecture, product design, garden design.


Course Description

Vectorworks is an industry standard software  ideal for Interior Design projects, Architectural planning, landscaping, both in 2D and 3D modelling.

This course will help understand the general logic of Vectorworks, especially the bi-dimensional representation of spaces.

Using CAD can help to better understand how spaces and ergonomics work.
xt- measurements – sheet border – scale bar


Course Outcomes
  • You will be able to create 2D plans and furniture to produce different layouts
  • Have a full understanding of the logic of the software
  • Using every single tools for creating bi-dimensional objects and layouts.
  • How to organize your drawing and professionally present your projects
  • How to print or to send images/views to your clients


Course Level:



Tutor Biography

Gianfrancesco De Falco –  Dip Arch – ARB – QTS

Gianfrancesco holds a Master Degree in Architecture from the University of Naples in Italy and is currently working as an Interior and Product Designer in London. He grew up professionally between Italy, Spain and England, successfully working in different roles for the Interior Design industry. Since he moved to London, he has opened his own design studio, primarily focused on residential projects and Ready Made – activity that he started fifteen years ago, focused on creating furniture, and assembling everyday objects which he likes to manipulate. His works have been extensively shown in various international exhibitions.



Please bring the following materials with you on the first day:

  • A notepad and pen
  • A USB memory stick
  • A laptop ( preferable )

All other materials will be provided during the course.


    1st day:
    • Introduction to CAD
    • Configuring Vectorworks : choosing paletttes/saving tempate
    • Selecting method
    • Zooming
    • Moving objects/shapes
    • Start drawing in 2D: line and double line tools
    • Rectangle tool: before, during, after methods
    • Stacking ordrer : adding and clipping surfaces
    • Rotating
    • Mirroring
    • Trimming
    • Copying
    • Students practising
    • Follow on basic tools: Circle, Oval, 2D Polygon, Polyline
    2nd day:
    • Start drawing  a plan
    • 2D Polygon Tool
    • Double line Tool
    • Adding/Clipping surfaces
    • Drawing doors, windows and partition walls using tools
    3rd day:
    • Organizing your drawing: using Groups and Classes
    • Drawing elevations and sections from plan
    • Adding windows and doors
    • Organizing your drawing : Layers
    • Duplicate: Linear, Array, Circular, Along a path
    • Miscellaneous tools: Fillet, Chamfer, Rounded Rectangle, Re-shape, Eyedropper, Select Similar, Clip tool, Moving by distance, Attribute Mapping
    • Align/ Distribute
    4th day:
    • Annotate drawings, adding: Reference labels, text, measurements, sheet borders, scale bar, north arrow
    • Start drawing furniture: table and chairs- armchair , 2/3 seater, sofas
    • Creating Symbols
    5th day:
    • Creating Symbols Library
    • Importing an Image – Creating an Image Resource
    • Printing : Exporting as PDF / Exporting as an Image
    • Setting up a presentation: Creating Sheets layers and Viewports
    • Quick introduction to 3D Modelling with Vectorworks


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