James Ritson

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Matt Searston

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Emily Goater

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Paul Rodger

Over his career, Paul has successfully co-founded both ad agencies and design consultancies, working for household names like the BBC, Lloyds TSB, 3M, Dulux and BP, as well as a host of specialist businesses and start-ups. Unusually, Paul is a writer as well as a designer, so his approach delivers solutions that are both conceptually strong and eminently practical.

Sharjil Quraishi

An Academy Class Learning & Development Specialist who assists professional teams and private individuals to identify skill gaps in their jobs and design educational paths/programs to help them reach maximum potential. With an Undergrad Degree (BSc) in International Business and Marketing as well as a Masters Degree (MA) in Digital Media Studies, he has extensive knowledge of the industry-standard software in design, engineering, video production and 3D/VR Game Development.