Yes, after a course completion you’ll earn an Authorised Training Centre (ATC) certficate that’s recognized in your profession. However, you can always opt for Adobe Certified Associate or Expert qualification to improve your Adobe Certified status.

In case you fail your exam, please contact your Academy Class account manager or Academy Class Customer Services to register your re-sit exam. Our training centers arrange the exams within Academy Class training locations that can be registered on a public-scheduled basis.


Participants attending a scheduled course will work on their own computers in a classroom. The courses combine concept with practical training, giving members the chance to try the tasks that the trainer has explained. Tailored courses are private sessions accessible for business groups or individuals, cut out to fit your knowledge and time / place requirements. Please visit our website for more details on our scheduled and tailored courses.

Our bespoke courses allows us to send a team of instructors to your premises, anywhere in the UK and Europe. Opting for bespoke onsite training will save you a significant amount of time. We also have a brand new offering called the “Adobe Virtual Class”, which works exactly the same as attending an “in person” class at our facilities. So we’re not talking about a boring training video, we’re talking about a live, interactive training from a human done live and online which you do from the comfort of your home or office.


Once you decide the courses you want to learn, you can either book a class online, call 08000438889 or send an e-mail to training@academyclass.com

We keep the right to revoke or rearrange classes due to inadequate number of registered students, booking conflicts or other conditions out of our control. In case we need to reprogram a course due to lack of enrolled students or any other scheduling issues, we will ensure you’ll be rescheduled to a date that suits you. We make great efforts to connect frequently with our customers and recommend you verify the status of a course before you make travel preparations. We are not accountable for travel accommodations or other costs suffered by our customers.We do not make refunds for weather related cancellations.


Academy Class is an Adobe Certified Training Provider, an Autodesk Authorized Training Center, a Maxon Authorized Training Center, a Black Magic Authorised Training Centre and a Unity Technologies Autorised Training Centre.


Yes, our trainers are certified experts and know everything about the products they teach on, down to the last detail. You can be certain they will be more than able to answer all of your questions.


We frankly care about our customer relationships and we are required to make some difficult corporate choices when it comes to cancelling courses. Regrettably, our booking and trainer placement decisions are based on promises we obtain from our clients that they will be joining the courses. Rebooking and annulments with little advance warning can cost us substantial funds, and we are required to hand these costs to clients who cancel. To avoid being charged for revoking a class, we advise you to cancel more than 28 before the start of the course and you receive 100% of your payment back. Cancel 14 days and it’s 50% refund. But if you cancel within fourteen days of the course start date, then we are required to charge the entire 100% of the payment.

Yes, you can bring your personal devices and use them during breaks, while we’ll provide intenet access. However, the course itself can only be performed on our workstations due to software licensing with Adobe.

We normally suggest registering as soon as you decide what course you wish to learn, considering that most classes fill up a couple of weeks before they start.

Yes, our procedure is to provide recurring clients unrestricted retakes during the existing release version of the programme they were instructed on. The retake booking are made on a space available basis.

The majority of our classrooms can hold a maximum of eight students, thus allowing us to pay careful attention to each student to ensure they understand everything they need to.


We provide bespoke training for groups of members or individuals. Wether you are looking for a single course or a multi-disciplined programme, our team of trainers will work closely with you to establish a training plan adeqate to your needs or your current skillset.


You can attend the courses if you are over 16. We can accommodate you with a letter of invitation if you need to apply for a visa. In order to meet the UK guidelines, the payment for the course must be made ahead in time.


All our training locations supply both Mac and Windows Operating Systems. Just give us a heads up on your choice when you register to the course and we’ll make sure everything is provided for you at the start of the class. We generally use the latest versions of our computers Operating Systems.

Academy Class do have a Creative Licence scheme and Training Vouchers in place, which can lead to significant savings on the cost of training courses. You can contact one of our Training Consultants your Academy Class account manager regarding any available discounts.


Regular, comfortable clothing is reccomended, although you’re allowed to wear anything that’s comfortable for you.

Academy Class offers modern and reachable training accommodations located around the UK with three core training facilities for both booked and tailored courses, located in London, Manchester and Glasgow.

Payment of the invoice must be received at least a week before the start of the courses.


In addition to a minor difference in opening and saving files on a Mac (using the Finder File Manager), and Windows (using File Explorer), the Mac uses the keyboard Command key for keyboard shortcuts while Windows uses the ‘Control’ key for keyboard shortcuts. So, if you’re used to working on a Mac and then swap to using Windows (or the other way around), you should not worry about it, you’ll most likely adapt immediately.


We offer real-world training courses to business groups in real, trainer-led training facilities throughout the UK. We assimilate this real-world practice with our classroom training to ensure the courses are efficient. Our courses are well coordinated and proficient, and our limited number of students in a class ensures you are provided with the greatest training experience conceivable.


Since we’re accredited, we partnered with multiple financing companies to provide several credit alternatives.

We can offer you free tea, coffee and biscuits during breaks, but our training locations don’t provide lunch. However, there are plenty restaurants and lunch venues in the area with different menus, suitable to various regimes.

Most of classes complete around 16:30. However, sometimes there are classes that fluctuate, depending on the number of students in the class or unexpected deviations to the day’s timings. Please consult your joining information for estimated class timings. Please keep in mind that Academy Class is not accountable if a class duration extends more than prearranged.

Yes, we provide an extended certification training program for Adobe Certification Programs, the Autodesk Certification and Unity Certified Developer.

Academy Class does not offer an official job placement. However, we do work with multiple companies whose main function is job placement for hardworking, dedicated people.


Water, tea, snacks, anything that keeps you hydrated and focused. We’ll provide you with all the necessary equipment, including writing pads, pens and a first-class course that you can keep.


Generally, the classes begin at 9:30 am and finish around 4:30PM. Whereas our number of students in a class is limited, there is a lot of intensive devotion on individual students, therefore a great amount of knowledge to absorb in one day.

“We offer tailored courses on the process for prepress, web development, and digital video. We have developed our software courses to embody production demands and methods for multiple companies. We are able to offer you a training that incorporates both your company’s software and particular workflow. We ensure that our tailored classes cover your team’s level of experience.

You’re free to bring your personal devices , but it’s not obligatory as we’ll accommodate you with all the required equipment.


Our forte is constructing and distributing first-class onsite courses. We assess these situations based on each project. We usually advise students to take the courses in our training location. If necessary, you can always pursue further onsite project guide and support.


Our trainers are skilled, easy-going and understanding. Normally, you won’t feel out of element if you don’t have too much practice with a program when you join our beginner classes. Whereas our courses are bursting with knowledge, we do endorse an elementary understanding of the software before you start the course. Anything you acknowledge about a program prior to the start of the course, can help you assimilate more information. Nevertheless, it is crucial that you have fundamental knowledge of your computer’s Operating System and wide-ranging actions of your computer. If you do not have this basic level of familiarity with computers and come to the class, you may well be unable to keep up with the rest of the group. Although we will do our utmost to support you, we can’t afford to hinder the class velocity nonsensically to compensate for a student’s newness with computers. Students with insufficient overall computer skills may be obliged to pay attention to the courses and strive to keep up without deterring the rest of the class.

Academy Class provides students with both Mac and Windows workstations.

The city centre training locaion does not have a parking lot, but there are numerous multi-story car parks closeby. However, the training locations situated outside the city centre do offer parking spaces, thought some of them might require payment. Please access the location pages on our website for more information.

In case we don’t have at least three students booked for a course, we can offer our customers the possibility to obtain one day of one-on-one training instead of their two-days course. Normally, one-on-one instruction charges are around £500-£900 per day depending, on the product and trainer so our students mostly take advantage of this fortuitous scenario. Students are still entitled to return and reclaim the next public booked class, free of cost. Students may also choose to get a voucher for any other class that Academy Class provides. We can also offer classes in online, instructor-led format, if required.


Academy Class receives all major credit cards and company cheques. We also accept purchase orders to book an enrollment, although the fee must be received at least seven days before the start of the course. In this scenario, accredit card that must be given to provide payment assurance. The credit card will not be charged except if the invoice is not paid by the end of the first day of training. The registration form must be marked HOLD ONLY next to the credit card number.

Yes, our 5-day Jumpstart classes can be divided into smaller parts. For example, our Creative Cloud for Designers course wich consists of two days of Photoshop, two days of InDesign, and one day of Adobe Illustrator, can be divided into smaller parts so you can take the training on different ocasions. Just give us a heads up on whe to accommodate your preferences.

Anyone looking to expand their skills is more than welcome to join our courses as long as they’re over 16 and have a basic undersanding of computers operating system.


Academy Class ensures you are using the most up-to-date version of our software in each of our training courses. We generally adopt latest versions of software shortly upon their release, and are fully informed on it because of our involvement in vendor training programs.


Scheduled courses are trained on the most up-to-date version of the software. However, we can provide previous versions as our trainers have numerous years of knowledge and understanding of the software. Please contact us to ensure that the version you are using is suitable.

“Scheduled courses occur in a classroom at one of our training facilities. The dates and course arrangement are established ahead in time, while class sizes are normally limited to eight students. Private courses occur on your own premises and permit us to provide a customized session to your company’s necessities. We can also offer private training at one of our training locations for an additional fee. Whereas scheduled courses may be the least expensive, private courses can be cost effective for large group.”

Once the booking is established, you’ll receive the course instructions immediately. Usually they are sent two weeks before the course start date.