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Master the Mind to
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Build Your Resilience in Times of Crisis

45 min LIVE Online Sessions

During times of uncertainty, worries about the future crop up which means our mind begins to obsess about things like:

"What will happen to my family if we run short on money?"
"What will happen if I, or people I love get sick?"
"Will I have a job tomorrow?"
"How long will all of this last?"

That is when mental & emotional resilience becomes our best skill – keeping our mind under control so we can take positive and proactive action to make the best of what is being thrown at us.

Resilience is not a personality trait – it’s a skill that everyone and anyone can master!

Learning and implementing the basics of Mastering the mind is made possible with the use of the Quality Mind Personal Activation System, which is being offered for FREE as part of our contribution to the defeat and recover from the global challenges, which we are facing.

You can make BIG changes to your mental outlook in just 5 days with the guidance of a specialist Mind Mentor. Top elite athletes have used this proven system to overcome their injuries and slumps in performance.

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Program Summary

Day One

Mastering the Mastermind

Feature: We will dive into what really causes us stress and anxiety and how to choose your Master mind in times of uncertainty or crisis.

Advantage: You will develop a deeper awareness about how the mind works and how our thought patterns and frameworks are formed.

Benefit: You will walk taller and feel more secure in today's world.

Program Summary

Day Two

What is not working for you?

Feature: We will help you understand your inner dialogue, enabling you to easily see your mind patterns unfold.

Advantage: This will create greater pressure vents in your mind.

Benefit: You will manage pressure like a pro and become more confident in your approach to life.

Program Summary

Day Three

The Universal Laws and the chair of choice

Feature: You will learn the tools to activate your mind, enabling you to see more clearly while under pressure.

Advantage: You will take your power back and experience new levels of energy entering your system and infusing your entire body which support your immunity.

Benefit: You will feel more at ease and in control of your life, experience more restorative sleep and most definitely smile & laugh more!

Program Summary

Day Four

The 6 stages of mindful alignment and re-framing our thought patterns

Feature: We will teach you the 6 Stages of Mindful Alignment and how you can re-frame your thinking.

Advantage: You will see yourself and situations from a different angle and increase your awareness.

Benefit: Your foresight, decision making, and outlook will dramatically improve.

Program Summary

Day Five

Life Satisfaction Scorecard

Feature: We will outline the key areas to focus on to create a five-star life and you will complete your own personal life scorecard that will help you identify your blocks and areas of focus.

Advantage: This will further your awareness and help you to understand how to always be in full alignment with life.

Benefit: You will better understand how to manage life and the pressures it brings, so you can step into the life of your dreams whether it be improved health, wealth or relationships!

Daily Live Zoom Sessions

Each session will run for roughly 45 minutes, live via Zoom.

Quality Mind is currently assisting clients in over 25 countries.

You will be given access to connect, mingle and build new friendships with like-minded people along the way.

If you are unable to be there to watch the live session the recordings will be made available to you each day.

20th July 2020

Monday 18.30pm

21st July 2020

Tuesday 18.30pm

22nd July 2020

Wednesday 18.30pm

23rd July 2020

Thursday 18.30pm

24th July 2020

Friday 18.30pm

All sessions will be guided by Quality Mind Mentor

Adele Hartland

Adele is the founder and owner of Lacuna Coaching Ltd, she is an award-winning executive leadership, life and team coach, change management practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Mind Mentor and Heartmath Coach who is passionate about enabling both people and organisations to reach their full potential through personal and professional development. Adele has over 20 years’ experience working in both corporates and SME’s and now assists individuals and businesses around the world to grow and thrive!

If you are looking to find new ways of thinking that enable you to overcome anxiety, better manage stress and overwhelm and improve your relationships then register now.

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Quality Mind helps people suffering from anxiety or everyday pressures. Built for business leaders, employees, families, couples, and individuals who wish to overcome life's challenges and better respond to pressure. Many people – both young and old – struggle to cope with mounting societal pressures. Quality Mind will arm you with the latest tools necessary to alleviate stress and anxiety and help you achieve your life and business goals.

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