Video Production Specialist Learning Path

Are you interested in film or Television but do not want to be in front of the camera? A Video production specialist could be the perfect position for you.

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Where to Start

Are you interested in film or Television but do not want to be in front of the camera? A Video production specialist could be the perfect position for you. A Video production specialist helps to ensure that the videos and movies that make it to the screen are arranged so that they are ready for broadcast. Video production specialists are also responsible for making sure that the sound and video match up. They play a huge role in the quality of the video that makes it to your screen. This is one of the jobs where work experience will serve you better than the necessary formal education usually required with most positions.


Many roles these days do not have apprenticeships or volunteer opportunities. If they do, they do not always accept the experience in exchange for formal education. Generally, it is used in addition to formal education. However, as a video production specialist, any volunteer or intern/apprentice work can be exchanged for formal education. Technical skills and experience reign supreme.

Video Production courses, however, will definitely help and will speed up the process. Consider courses in media production and video production. Video production specialists are also known as editors and they are part of the post-production team. Even video production specialists have specialties. You may be required to find out about the needs of the project, transfer firm or footage to the computer, examining footage, deciding what stays and what goes, cutting and joining pieces together using software applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Most video editors will also be required to maintain the storyline in their heads, even while they are editing scenes that may not be in sequence. You may also need to work with numerous other production staff, including other editors.

Equipment and Software

If you are going to ensure you get the best possible job, it is important to make sure that you have the right experience with the software and the equipment necessary to edit video. The more experience you have, the greater your chances will be when you hit the job market looking for work.


Formulating a portfolio with show reels of previous work is a step you should take first. Many entrants come from a variety of different fields, such as animation, engineering, computer science, and industrial design. A company will typically look at a person’s practical skills, instead of an educational background.

Get Involved

Networking and doing numerous apprenticeship/internship jobs can be a great way to have your foot in the door when you start looking for a formal position. The better you were in those positions, the greater the chance is that you will have a leg up when it comes time to apply for a full time job. Becoming a video production specialist requires knowledge of editing software and equipment; it requires good networking and people skills to handle the team of people that generally accompany a production. You need to be able to work with everyone, from the director to the staff. This is a rewarding, productive, exciting career with advancing opportunities. Video production runs into movies, television, and the internet. Each has its own set of rules and methods. Additionally, you will get to meet many exciting and interesting people every day as part of your daily routine.

Own It

It is important that a Video Production specialist have certain characteristics or qualities to prepare them for the type of work they will encounter. A person who is naturally creative and imaginative is very successful in the Video Production industry, and additional knowledge about technical processes and computer technology is vital. Other personal characteristics include the ability to work in a team setting and the ability to communicate successfully and professionally. For a freelance Video producer, the above mentioned qualities are true, but it is also extremely important that they have organizational skills and self-motivation to help excel in the industry.

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