Our Testimonials

Lovely course! The practical side of the course where we learn how to implement the UX design principles in designing a pretend app was really helpful for me. It reinforced everything learned from the ISO standard, as I am a practical learner. It also showed me how to take everything into practice in my workplace, which is valuable to both myself and the company I work for.
The instructor is is great tutor. Her passion is infectious. She was personal and very hands on. Thank you.
I was never switched during any other course as I was in this course. The instructor  has a good set of knowledge on the industry. And it was nice to have the one to one experience with him since it helped me overcome most of the questions I had about UX/UI. I would definitely recommend Adrian to anyone who is thinking to change careers to into UX/UI. About the course, I was hoping to have more on the UI as well. Perhaps how to use different types of softwares. We were only shown the Adobe XD. However, over all I am satisfied with the course.
Impressive knowledge of the tutor & friendly staff at Academy Class.
The course had a very good layout and was well presented. The staff and tutors were very helpful and always willing to answer questions. the course was interactive which made it easier to progress using the software. Overall a great company to learn with, and would lvoe to go back again.
The instructor was very knowledgable about all subjects and i will highly recommend the course. He was very easily do deal with and enthusiastic. Great guy.
The Course had been very helpful in order for me to understand the revit software and I think I have enough knowledge as a base to go away and use it in the workplace and provide some visuals for clients.
Learned a great deal amount of basics in Revit, very informative and goes through one step at a time. Always willing to answer all the questions asked.
The instructor was an excellent teacher who explained the interface and the thinking behind the software in a very clear, interesting and amusing way. I feel I have learnt a great amount in a short period of time and I am ready to expand my knowledge with tutorials and by practice now.
Course started a little late due to technical difficulties. Our instructor was very good at ensuring we caught up. Our instructor was very patient and attentive to all of our needs. The course instructions came through a little late and I think additional information regarding lunch would be useful i.e. bring your own / you don't provide / onsite restaurant.
I feel some sort of paper material should be provided for references. Writing down notes is fine but sometimes the teacher was going to fast to follow up on both.
The instructor is an excellent teacher and his knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject made it fun and enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed the three day course.
I attended the Premier Pro Yellow Belt Course with no knowledge of video editing what so ever. The 3 days were very informative and jam packed with a learning! I am now producing Product/Tutorial videos for customers. I would recommend Academy Class to anyone.
I’ve now completed, indesign, photoshop, premier pro and illustrator training courses with Academy Class – I guess I can’t seem to get enough!? Their instructors are always friendly and very knowledgeable. I just wish I had done them years ago instead of waiting as long as I did.
I attended a Premiere Pro zero to hero course and found the training, staff and learning environment top class – I now use my newly achieved skills every day and am researching the next training package with them that works for me.
Loved this course, found it really good for following with the extra screens and small class size. Friendly tutor made it easy to ask questions.
Instructor is attentive to our interests, and willing to adapt to meet our specific training needs. Also he has professional experiences which give credibility and give insights
My instructor Kelman was very helpful throughout the course and taught the lessons in an informative manner which enabled the key points to be absorbed and fully understood.
The instructor was really helpful and knowledgeable. He answered all the questions we had and made sure we were truly ready for the exam. I'd definitely recommend the course for anyone who wants to deepen their Adobe Illustrator knowledge.
I enjoyed my course greatly, especially because it was very relevant to me and my career progression. I did learn a lot of useful stuff that will help me in my everyday work.
The instructor covered all the subject areas well in the short amount of time we had. The practical exercises were also great at quickly demonstrating how you can create something quite complex in the easiest possible way.
Really enjoyable course, learnt everything I needed to know and the instructor was fantastic
The instructor was amazing! He is very experienced and you can tell and he seems to be just so naturally good at teaching. It was a pleasure to take the course and I have learnt a lot! will definitely be back!
“The instructor  was a great instructor, he was very thorough, clear and concise. I got a lot out of this course and feel very confident in using InDesign now.”
Really enjoyable 3 days re-learning software after not having used it much since last time did the course.
I came i with no knowledge of C4D and i’m going home feeling cautiously confident that i can do my projects.
Ricardo is very knowledgeable and can apply real life examples from working in the industry and he was able to respond positively to all of our questions confidently.
There was a lot of material to get through but Andrei was patient, understanding and answered our questions fully.
The instructor  was very attentive and his instruction method was very inclusive and he was very attentive to all delegates.
“Fantastic course. Alan Rankin gave a very well structured two day tutorial which enabled us to produce a small website using HTML5/CSS3 and also gave us a flavour of JavaScript, JQuery and HTML emailers. I would definitely recommend to any manager looking to improve their basic knowledge. This will come in very handy when briefing developers in the future.”
It was great, I learnt everything I wanted too!
Very efficient administration. Well structured and clear instruction in a pleasant environment.
Great course. I am a complete novice when it comes to website and this course just made me open my eyes to how easy it is. Andre is a great in instructor and made this course just great.  ”