Learning Paths

3d Animator Master Class - Gold

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • 3DS Max Jumpstart – 5 days
  • Autodesk 3DS Max Autodesk Certified User and Professional exams
  • Maya Jumpstart – 5 Days
  • Cinema 4d 101: Beginner – 3 Days
  • Cinema 4d 201: Intermediate – 2 Days

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The 3D Animator Creative License Gold Package includes the entire Autodesk curriculum for total immersion into 3D. The 3D Animator Creative License Gold Package is a training program that features a combination of 3 Autodesk courses for a discounted price. The package does not have a schedule of its own. Each class is scheduled separately.

Courses included in this package:

  • 3DS Max Jumpstart – 5 days
  • Autodesk 3DS Max Autodesk Certified User and Professional exams
  • Maya Jumpstart – 5 Days
  • Cinema 4d 101: Beginner – 3 Days
  • Cinema 4d 201: Intermediate – 2 Days

Whatever your career path, proven Autodesk software expertise will keep you ahead of the curve and help you develop a solid competitive advantage in today’s complex marketplace.

Autodesk certifications are a reliable validation of your skills and knowledge, and can lead to accelerated professional development, improved productivity, and enhanced credibility in your field.

Who is this course for?

This course has been designed for the professional who wants to create 3D graphics for print or animation.

Target customers are architectural practises, visualisation studios, production houses: ‘wannabe’ games developers, advertising agencies or other such departments that work in large organisations. This course is aimed at people who are new to Cinema 4D and that are looking to add 3D to their portfolio of skills.

Assumed Knowledge

Attendees require only a very general knowledge of 3D and its concepts although a basic understanding of computer hardware and software is essential. Knowledge of other digital media packages is an advantage but not a necessity.

A good knowledge of basic operating systems either PC or Mac. A basic understanding of Maxon’s Cinema 4D interface is recommended but not essential.

What you will learn

3ds Max Jumpstart

Whatever your profession, the 3DS Max Jumpstart course will give you the tools you need to work confidently with basic modelling, material creation, animation, and scene generation. After just five days, you’ll be a confident 3DS Max user, able to concentrate on what really matters while 3DS does the hard work for you.

Autodesk 3DS Max Exam

For more information Contact us

Maya Jumpstart

Whether you’re looking to begin a new career in the 3D animation industry, or incorporate 3D animations into your existing work for broadcast or the web, the Maya Jumpstart: Zero to Hero course will have you working with even the most advanced features of Autodesk Maya in no time. After just five days, you’ll have a solid understanding of how Maya is used to create professional 3D animation for film, television, and games, and be able to begin creating your own impressive animations.

Cinema 4D 101: Beginner

Cinema 4D is one of the most impressive 3D modelling applications available today, and one of its greatest features is its simplicity of use. Even a beginner can learn to create breath-taking 3D images in just three days, due to its intuitive design and logical workflow. In this intensive introductory course, you’ll learn about using Cinema 4D for animation, lighting and camera techniques, typography and objects. Whether you’d like to produce video for broadcast or you’re already working in a related industry, this course will give you the skills you need to stand out from your peers and to create some truly outstanding work.

Cinema 4D 201: Intermediate

Cinema 4D has a vast range of uses. While generally thought of as being a tool for 3D animation for TV or film, it is also useful for visualisations of all kinds in the fields of architecture, products and interiors, special effects, and even medicine. Whatever your specialisation, the Cinema 4D 201: Intermediate course will introduce you to the more advanced features of the program and allow you to become an expert of visualisation in your field.



3DS Max Jumpstart

  • An introduction to Autodesk 3DS Max Design
  • Creating a model
  • Material Techniques
  • Cameras & Views
  • Lighting your scene
  • Animation
  • Rendering your model

For more information check the course outline of 3ds Max Jumpstart

Autodesk 3DS Max Autodesk Certified User and Professional exams

For more information check the Autodesk Certification Roadmap

Maya Jumpstart

  • Essentials
  • Modelling
  • Animation
  • Rendering

For more information check the course outline of Maya Jumpstart

Cinema 4d 101: Yellow Belt

  • Introduction to Maxon Cinema 4D
  • Modelling
  • Creating a scene
  • Animation
  • Rendering / Exporting

For more information check the course outline of Cinema 4D 101 Yellow Belt

Cinema 4d 201: Green Belt

  • Customising the interface
  • Rendering
  • Modelling & Materials
  • Animation
  • Simulation of Natural World Dynamics
  • Cloth Simulation
  • Caching Dynamic Simulations

For more information please check the course outline of Cinema 4D 201 Green Belt


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