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3ds Max: Zero to HERO

From £997.00

Academy Class are proud to present the five day technical training course designed to help you learn everything you need to create 3D content using 3DS Max.

3DS Max Zero to HERO will focus on learning the basics of modelling, material creation, animation, and scene generation. Learn the capabilities of the interface, how to work efficiently, and how to apply toolset in the workplace. This class will take you past the basic level into an intermediate skill-set.

The Autodesk 3DS Max Autodesk Certified User accredited exam is included as part of your training.

The Autodesk 3DS Max Professional exam is available for an additional fee of £150.00 plus VAT.

3ds Max: Zero to HERO

We offer in-class trainings in London & Manchester UK.

Enquire and one of our training experts will assist you.

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