Corporate Training Vouchers

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Our Training Vouchers are an excellent way to save on training costs. They are valid for 12 months. With Vouchers you are able to Build Your Own Personalised Training Programme with the assistance of our expert training advisor. Effectively the more you buy the more you save.


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Benefit from the Wisdom

Delivering Quality Training since 2006.

Training Budget Maximised!

Lower Price Match Guarantee & Flexible Training Vouchers

Cutting-Edge Training

From industry experienced professionals.

Work Faster, Earn More

Reduce your production time by improving all your workflow processes.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Boost your career by improving your skills and getting Accreditation.

1 Training Voucher = 1 Day of Training.

For example, an After Effects Zero to HERO course is a 5-day course and would thus need 5x Training Vouchers.

Training Vouchers can be used by any member of your team, all you need to do is select your course and preferred course dates from our website and contact us with the attendee name and we’ll do the rest!


About Academy Class for Business

Academy Class aim to be the leading digital media training company of choice for creatives and developers. We’re passionate about nurturing creativity, building online communities and encouraging innovation.

Our classes are all hands-on and led by Certified Adobe, Autodesk, Maxon and Unity instructors who are also designers and developers.

We offer flexible, cost-effective solutions for training multiple individuals across an organisation.


Why Academy Class?

Studies show employees prefer video as a method of learning, however, that doesn’t mean they’re always paying attention. Over 70% of employees admit that they do not give training videos their full attention.

Academy Class is Getting Employees’ Attention Back with Interactive Video and Live Video Classes!

Fortunately, employees see additional ways to make training more engaging. With over 80% believing that interactive videos hold their interest better than traditional videos. That is why our classes are in-class or live-online training sessions, both instructor-led by industry professionals, in real time.

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