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Ableton Production and Performance: Zero to hero


Advance your craft with the Ableton Production And Performance: Zero To Hero course. Ableton Live is used across professional studios and as a live performance tool. This Ableton Production course is done as live, online or in-class training, depending on preference.

Course Duration: 5 Days



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Have you ever wanted to write, record, edit, and produce your own music? If so, Introduction to Logic Pro X is the perfect course for you; here you will learn to do just that in this state of the art digital audio workstation. First, you’ll learn your way around the software. Next, you’ll start laying down tracks and editing them. Finally, you’ll mix, produce, and share your project. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll not only be proficient in Logic Pro X, but also you’ll have learned some valuable tips and tricks that will make your workflow quicker and easier. Software required: Logic Pro X.

Who is the course for?

This Introduction to Logic Pro X Course is for beginners and those who just purchased the software.

No prior experience is needed.

What you will learn

Confidently navigate and understand Logic X’s interface

  • Create your own sounds
  • Edit and customize Logic X’s Drummer Feature
  • Use Apple Loops
  • Use MIDI to create your own melodies and drum patterns
  • And much, much more
  • Whether you’re a complete beginner who wants to start right at the beginning or you’re looking to pick up Logic X quickly, this course is for you.


Day 1:

  • Introduction to the basics of Ableton
  • Understanding the interface and preferences. 
  • Understanding arrangement and session view. 
  • Working with clips- playing, moving, layering and loading.

Day 2:

  • Difference between audio and midi clips. 
  • Working with audio clips: loops, quantisation, envelopes, recording, recording/editing automation, convert to midi.

Day 3:

  • Working with midi clips: creating (computer keyboard, pencil & midi controller), editing, groove quantisation, recording/editing automation. Working with audio and midi clips together.

Day 4:

  • Arranging tracks in Ableton. 
  • Moving clips from session to arrangement view (vice versa). 
  • Working with locators and editing sections in both views.
  • Mixing in Ableton. Looking at various audio and midi FX, sends and returns. Introduction to drum rack. Introduction to live performing.

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