Cinema 4D: Beginner

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In this 3 day Cinema 4D training course we’ll cover how this intuitive 3D package can be used for creating amazing still images for print and breathe taking video for broadcast, TV, web and film. This Cinema 4D training course coupled with Cinema 4Ds easy interface and logical workflow make it possible for those new to 3D modelling to be producing hi-end 3D scenes quickly. We will cover modeling techniques for creating bespoke models, typography & objects. We’ll also cover animation, lighting and camera techniques.

We’ll show you the software’s tight integration with Adobe products as well as other leading compositing and video products. We’ll work through the best rendering and export techniques. Cinema 4d is fast, intuitive and delivers dazzling imagery. This course is suitable for people in any industry looking to add 3D to their workflow.

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Cinema 4D: Beginner

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