Coding: Beginner

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By the end of this course you will have a good grasp of how a web site or application is made and the foundations of coding the core languages of the web. You’ll also gain a good grasp of the history and evolution of the web and best practices for web design and development in a modern era. During the course you will have the opportunity to build a small web site (application) and test in a combination of browsers and load it to a live web server.


Management, Senior management, marketers, designers and just about anyone who doesnt come from a programming background. This is the class that will teach you a little code but more importantly give you a much better understanding to the world of coding Anyone who needs to work with developers, HTML/Web based projects, mobile apps, web apps and any other projects involving code.h5. Your title here…


You do not need to know anything about code or management to attend this course.




During the course, you will have the opportunity to build a small website (application) and test in a combination of browsers and load it to a live web server.


  • The history or the web
  • Client vs server side model and coding
  • How does HTML, CSS and Javascript fit together
  • Browsers and cross platform coding
  • Accessibility issues

Semantic Mark Up XHTML, HTML & HTML5 Syntax

  • Creating a web document (page)
  • Creating titles and META data
  • Adding body text
  • Structuring text with line breaks, headings, Lists and paragraphs
  • Working with special characters
  • Adding structural containers – div, header, footer etc

Adding Images

  • The GIF, JPEG and PNG file formats
  • Alternative text, titles and descriptions for images

Linking to Other Pages & Sites

  • Relative links vs absolute links
  • Working with URLs

Adding Video

  • Embedding a youtube video
  • Adding your own video using HTML5

Tables & Forms

  • Adding a data table to a page
  • Creating a basic input form
  • Adding submit and reset buttons
  • About processing form data on the server

Roll In Some JavaScript

  • What is JavaScript and what can it do?
  • Adding a simple JavaScript to control your form

Roll In Some CSS

  • What is CSS and what can it do?
  • CSS structure (syntax) and CSS selectors
  • Creating and linking to a text control style sheet
  • Basic principals and ides of web layout
  • About the new world of responsive design
  • Adding a simple layout style sheet
  • Adding basic link roll overs

Publishing Your Site

  • Finding a suitable web host
  • Buying a domain name
  • Proofing and testing your site locally
  • Using an FTP client to upload files to a server


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