E-Learning Master Class

$ 1,497.00

What you will learn

  • Captivate 101: Yellow Belt – 2 days
  • Captivate 201: Green Belt – 3 days
  • Animate 101: Yellow Belt – 2 days
  • Photoshop 101: Yellow Belt – 2 days

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The e-Learning Creative License package is a training program that features a combination of 4 Adobe courses for a reduced price. The package does not have a schedule of its own. Each class is scheduled separately and taken in this order.

  • Captivate 101: Yellow Belt – 2 days
  • Captivate 201: Green Belt – 3 days
  • Animate 101: Yellow Belt – 2 days
  • Photoshop 101: Yellow Belt – 2 days

Who is this course for?

The audience for this course are beginning users of the Adobe Captivate, Animate and Photoshop who have no previous multimedia content creation experience.

Assumed Knowledge

Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office

What you will learn

Captivate 101: Yellow Belt

Would you like to stand out from your peers? Well, what better way to do it than to learn to be an expert author of e-learning materials and training provider? With the Captivate 101: Yellow Belt course, you’ll learn how to create fully interactive training programs and demonstrations that could potentially save your company many thousands in training each year. In just two days, you’ll be invaluable.

Captivate 201: Green Belt

The days of using simple slides for training presentations are long gone. Nowadays the best trainers are using the fully interactive presentations, demonstrations and simulations made possible by Captivate. Mastering its advanced features will revolutionise not only the way you work, but also the way your students learn. With the Captivate 201: Green Belt course, you’ll learn how to go beyond the basic features of Captivate to create truly spectacular e-learning solutions.

Animate 101: Yellow Belt

Adobe Animate has now replaced Flash as the industry-leading software for creating engaging interactive experiences and animations. Animate delivers to audiences across multiple platforms and devices.  Learning the intricacies of Animate can seem like a daunting task, but in this two day course we will break it down to its essential elements. After just two days you’ll be comfortable with the user interface and have a good grasp of Animate’s animation and interactivity capabilities.

Photoshop 101: Yellow Belt

There is no doubt that Photoshop is one of the most flexible, comprehensive and easy to use photo editing packages out there. Whether you’re just looking to re-touch your photos for greater impact, or to make your own layered Photoshop masterpieces, the Photoshop 101 course will introduce you to the fundamentals of the package and give you the essential hands-on practise you need to get started working with the program.


Captivate 101: Yellow Belt

  • Introduction to Captivate
  • Work with themes
  • Smart objects
  • Preferences and object styles
  • Text captions
  • Timeline
  • Work with slides and masters
  • Work with images
  • Add buttons
  • Adding visual items
  • Rollover captions
  • Add sound
  • Demonstrations and simulation
  • Animation and Flash video
  • Captivate and PowerPoint slides
  • Skins
  • Project settings
  • Question slides
  • Publishing and LMS

For more information please read the course outline of Captivate 101

Captivate 201: Green Belt

  • Question pools
  • Widgets
  • Buttons
  • Advanced interaction
  • Projects
  • Animation
  • Advanced interaction with Flash
  • Image editing with Photoshop

For more information please read he course outline of Captivate 201

Animate 101: Yellow Belt

  • Introducing Animate and its interface
  • Setting up a project
  • Work with strokes, fills and gradients
  • Shape interactions
  • Working in layers
  • Working with text and fonts in Animate
  • Enhancing the design with images
  • Using symbols
  • Using the mask
  • Working with the timeline
  • Animate using shape, classic and motion tweens
  • Use onion skinning
  • Banners
  • Create interactive buttons with states
  • Edit code to perform bespoke actions
  • Publishing your project

For more information please read the course outline of Animate 101

Photoshop 101: Yellow Belt

  • Introductory level
  • Working with selections
  • Fixing problem images
  • Painting and retouching Images
  • Working with layers
  • Saving files

For more information please read the course outline of Photoshop 101


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