Professional Course: How to Turn Your Blog into a Business

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Learn how to earn from your blog. This 1 day workshop is presented by one of the UK’s top entrepreneurs, Sophie Bush. Owner and creator of, a successful blog turned business, she has years of experience in taking a small lifestyle blog and turning it into a full-scale business.  Her business went from publishing an interior design blog & magazine to launching a best selling book, an interior design studio and even branching into a warehouse home property devision!

And you can learn to do the same.

In this quick course Sophie will cover the three main steps to getting your money-making blog off the ground.

1 Day Short Course for £497 – £197 Launch Offer

Learn How to Turn Your Blog Into a Business in 3 Easy Steps

Part 1: Getting Started

  • Find your niche – what is the problem that you’re solving / the value that you’re bringing – what’s the size of the potential audience – is it interesting – and will YOU still find it interesting when you’ve been blogging about it for over a year
  • Determine your voice – even if it is only you in your bedroom from the outset, is it ‘I’ or ‘we’ that you’re projecting
  • Think business not blog from the outset 
  • Think brand not blog – create a strong brand, an identity that resonates clearly with the niche and target audience
  • Draw a spider diagram of all of the potential revenue streams and avenues it could develop into – think big!
  • Get a custom domain 
  • Start with the cheap and easy stuff – bootstrap for as long as you can 
  • Build what you can yourself – there’s a lot to be said for understanding the nuts and bolts of a business as it grows
  • Get started! Don’t spend too much time planning (your business might quickly evolve into something completely different) and don’t let perfectionism stop you from getting started – set a launch date and try to stick to it!

Part 2: Gathering Momentum

  • Draft a content strategy document – iterate constantly
  • Generate consistently strong, original content – content that makes you stand out – distinctive visuals, compelling copy – it’s better to publish 1 great post a week than something mediocre daily
  • Wear a commercial hat from the beginning – even if you’re writing free content, consider the longer term potential for paid collabs
  • Promote content to generate and nurture a following
  • Supercharge your search traffic – SEO – Pinterest etc
  • Build a database of subscribers 
  • Invest time in social media… but learn the value of scheduling
  • Invest intelligently – your time, your money

Part 3: How to Make Money Blogging

  • Start selling – now you have an audience, create a product or service to sell to them
  • Consider a collection of complementary services / products – with the opportunity to cross-sell / cross-pollinate
  • Evaluate what can generate income and what can’t (but might still be useful)
  • Evaluate what’s working and what isn’t 
  • Let your customers guide you
  • Be prepared to pivot
  • Enjoy the ride

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