Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer

Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer


A 1-day course to help experienced Illustrator users convert to Affinity Designer

  • General – What’s the same and what’s different – panels, tools, menus, keyboard shortcuts, interface
  • Getting your head straight for Designer – adapting to where main functionality has moved to
  • Specific – Different approaches that Designer takes, Personas, Colour, Vectors, Tools
  • Limits – a look at Illustrator functionality that is not available in Designer and vice versa

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Environment and Navigation

  • Interface – A look at the overall environment
  • Tools
    • new tools where Illustrator doesn’t have them, eg for shapes
    • missing tools that are either elsewhere or there is no equivalent – mesh tool, symbols, shape builder, shaper)
  • Menus – Understanding the new setup – no Effects or Object menu
  • Panels – a slightly different arrangement:
    • a look at the things that are the very similar (eg Layers, Stroke, Styles, Text etc)
    • a look at some of the things that are new or different (eg History, Isometrics )
    • a look at some panels that have different functionality (Effects, Graphic styles)
    • missing panels – patterns, blends, live paint
  • Keyboard shortcuts


  • Making sense of Designer’s different approach to Swatches and Swatch Libraries, adding and removing Palettes, Recent Colours, Global Palettes
  • Fill and Stroke


  • Vector controls, pen tool differences, transform, stacking, layers
  • Type – typographic controls and panels
  • Alignment, Pathfinder, Locking, Grouping

Document Management

  • Document Setup
  • Artboards
  • Grids, Guides, Rulers, Preview Mode
  • Assets
  • File formats, exporting
  • Managers – fonts, resources/images, sections, guides


  • Personas – jumping to Affinity Publisher and Affinity Photo from within Designer
  • Preferences and Help
  • Templates
  • What’s missing – (eg Creative Cloud Libraries, Graphing, Blends, Live Paint, Symbol Spraying, Perspective, 3D)
  • Changing Defaults

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