Illustrator: Ultimate Mastery

The most intense and in-depth Illustrator training course of its kind in the UK!
Immerse yourself in Adobe Illustrator. Learn Illustrator from beginners to an advanced level.

The Adobe Illustrator Creative License training package includes the entire curriculum for total immersion into Adobe Illustrator. This training program features a combination of 3 Adobe Illustrator courses for a discounted price. The package does not have a schedule of its own. Each class is scheduled separately and can be taken over a year’s period so you can take the classes as quickly or as slowly as you desire. For you to have a better sense of schedule we enlisted the dates of Illustrator 101.

You’ll learn everything about Illustrator from start to finish. So if you have little or no knowledge of Adobe Illustrator right now then we can guarantee by the end of the Creative Licence in Illustrator training package that you will have more knowledge than most Illustrator users in the industry!

This is a bespoke course, please contact us for dates.



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Illustrator: Ultimate Mastery

Course Offering

You will learn how to

  • Illustrator: Beginner
  • Illustrator: Intermediate
  • Illustrator: Advanced
  • Adobe Illustrator Certification Exam

Who is this course for

This course is intended for graphic designers, small business owners, creative professionals, print professionals, publishers, prepress professionals, and marketing communications professionals. It’s focused on those creating layouts for print. Also ideal for students who want to break into the industry.

Assumed Knowledge

Before taking this course, you should have a basic understanding of your computers operating system. For example, you should know how to launch an application, create and save files, and copy files from CD and other media.

We offer in-class trainings in London & Manchester UK.

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Illustrator 101: Beginner

In this introductory course, even those with no formal training in illustration will be guided towards creating their own professional graphic project using Adobe Illustrator. Using both the classic features and the new and improved tools in the latest version of Illustrator, everyone in the class will leave with the ability to create and incorporate vector graphics for different projects. No matter which form of design or development participants is already involved in, the ability to create vector graphics is a lucrative skill.

Illustrator 201: Intermediate

If you want it to, Illustrator can truly revolutionise the way you work. On the Illustrator 201: Intermediate course, you’ll learn how to create complex vector graphics using advanced features such as filters and effects, explore in-depth typographical adjustments, and consider the printing process of your layouts. With the solid knowledge of Illustrator that the Hotshot course provides, anyone can create truly spectacular graphics for design and web development.

Illustrator 301: Advanced

If you’d like to reach the top of your field in digital illustration, you’ll need to become a master of the medium. On the Illustrator 301: Advanced course, you’ll learn not just the most advanced features of the program, but also the time-saving tips and tricks that can have you creating superb work in half the time.

Course Outline

Illustrator Beginner

Setting up Illustrator projects

  • Identify project requirements
  • Establish target audience and needs
  • Define media format and publishing requirements

User interface

  • Identify user interface elements
  • Create and select Workspaces
  • Navigate and zoom documents

Creating artwork

  • Understanding difference between vector and bitmap formats
  • Apply design principles to create artwork
  • Using pen and shape tools to create basic geometry
  • Selecting and Grouping objects
  • Transform and modify elements
  • Create and manipulate text
  • Organise artwork using layers
  • Create symbols


  • Selecting and applying colours
  • Creating colour swatches
  • Applying and modifying gradients
  • Working with spot colours

Effects and transparency

  • Apply transparency to objects
  • Blend elements using blend effects
  • Working with bitmaps
  • Placing raster images
  • Using the links panel to relink and update images
  • Tracing images using live trace presets

Publish artwork

  • Identifying common file formats
  • Choose appropriate settings to optimise graphics on the screen, print and video
  • Creating JPEG, PDF, PNG, SVG

Illustrator Intermediate

Live Colour and Live Trace

  • Use Live Color to create colours
  • Generate a colour group
  • Recolour artwork
  • Live trace bitmap images
  • Improve the trace result

Effects and transparency techniques

  • Adjusting and applying effects such as drop shadow and 3D
  • Using Photoshop effects
  • Use the Appearance panel
  • Create transparency and opacity masks
  • 3D shading with the gradient mesh tool

Type features

  • Create character and paragraph styles
  • Leading, Kerning and Tracking
  • Horizontal and vertical scaling
  • Add text to a vector path

Create custom brushes

  • Calligraphic brush
  • Scatter brush
  • Pattern brush
  • Art brush
  • Bristle brush

Drawing techniques

  • Use the Pen tool
  • Work with compound paths
  • Use the expand appearance command
  • Use the outline strokes command
  • Create, use and update graphic styles
  • Use envelope distort
  • Blend tool
  • Create clipping masks
  • Use the Width tool
  • Use the Pathfinder panel
  • Use the perspective grid tool
  • Create and manipulate patterns
  • Work with layers and sub layers


  • Create and manage multiple artboards
  • Export artboards

Setup for Print

  • Print terminology explained
  • Optimise the effect quality by adjusting raster effect settings
  • Create trim marks and crop marks
  • Preview artwork using CMYK soft proof
  • Package option

Illustrator Advanced

Advanced Illustrator projects

  • Create challenging projects
  • Use multiple techniques and tools
  • Learn to solve problems through deconstruction
  • Create infographics
  • Advanced effects using the Appearance panel

Graph Tools

  • Create and modify graphs
  • Create and apply graph designs


  • Blend objects shapes and colours
  • Adjust blend options
  • Update blends


  • Create and edit actions
  • Batch process files

Document and Illustrator Setup

  • Setting up and assigning colour profiles
  • Colour Management techniques

Shading, lighting and texture

  • Learn lighting and shading techniques
  • Add texture to your artwork
  • Work with blend modes and filters

Optimising artwork for print

  • Preview artwork with the Flattener panel
  • Work with spot and global colours
  • Create overprint effects using the attributes panel
  • Use the Separations Preview panel
  • Use the Asset Export panel

Create artwork for the web

  • Document setup essentials
  • Use the Slice tool
  • Adjust slices with the Slice Selection tool
  • Discover the slice options
  • Use automated slicing methods
  • Export using the save for web option
  • Illustrator for SVG output
  • Use the Asset Export panel


  • Create revolve, extrude and bevel, rotate
  • Map artwork using symbols

Workflows – Illustrator to:

  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Animate

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