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InDesign: Adobe Certified Expert

An Adobe certified Academy Class instructors will help you prepare you for your Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in InDesign CC and provide you with the best exam preparation available. The course strongly focuses on the requirements of the ACE exam. During the course you will work through example test questions and find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You will get used to the types of questions asked during the exam and learn lots of best-practices.

The InDesign CC ACE course will give you confidence in taking the exam, which you can do at the end of the class or at a later date (exam fee not included). Passing the exam can be a big step to your successful design career. This exam is the highest official certification you can get and it can help you get recognized in the creative industry. It is the best way to tell the world about your expertise and communicate your proficiency in leading products from Adobe. Becoming an Adobe Certified Expert allows you to: Differentiate yourself from competitors Get your CV noticed Attract and win new business Gain recognition from your employer Leverage the power of the Adobe brand.

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The InDesign CC ACE exam preparation course is for individuals who have at least two years of page layout experience and regularly use other Creative Suite applications.


You must have an advanced knowledge of Adobe InDesign and a strong understanding of all the general concepts of using this application. You should also be familiar with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Word.


We will work through example test questions and find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie. The exam can be taken at the end of the class or at a later date (exam fee not included).


We will work through example test questions on possible exam topics which may include:

Laying out a Document

  • Choose default preferences and settings
  • Create a new document with appropriate settings
  • Navigating and viewing documents
  • Construct a flexible foundation for a multi?page document
  • Precisely position objects on a page
  • Modify and transform objects
  • Ensure the consistency of object formatting throughout a document or publication
  • Build a document with alternate layouts and page sizes
  • Create a data?driven document

Working with Text

  • Create and position text in a frame and on a path
  • Manage text flow
  • Import and edit text
  • Insert special characters
  • Apply formatting manually and automatically
  • Create tables
  • Add long document features

Managing Graphics

  • Place and alter graphics
  • Work with linked files
  • Adjust graphic formatting and display

Understanding Color and Transparency

  • Create and apply colors
  • Work with gradients
  • Apply transparency
  • Color and ink management

Building Interactive Documents

  • Add interactive objects and behaviors
  • Adjust interactive behaviors
  • Preview and Export interactive documents

Preparing Documents for Final Output

  • Preflight documents
  • Export PDF for print output
  • Print documents

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