User Research (UX)

In this hands-on course, you will have plenty of opportunities to apply the most commonly used UX research techniques. Through a series of group exercises and assignments, you will plan, conduct and analyse research sessions while gaining a better understanding of the UX research process. We will teach you the skills needed to implement research into your product development cycle, allowing you to create products that your audience will love.

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User Research (UX)

Course Offering

You will learn how to

  • Plan, manage and conduct UX research
  • Create a research plan
  • Choose appropriate research methods
  • Develop a question pool
  • Recruit and select participants
  • Record, document and present research findings

Who is this course for

Ideal for designers, developers, researchers, marketers and anyone involved in developing products. If you want to gain a better understanding of what people think, feel and do when using your products/service this course is for you. The course focuses on the first part of the UX design process and has been designed to complement our UX design Zero to Hero. Therefore, delegates who have already attended the Zero to Hero course will benefit greatly from this specialist course.


You should have a proper understanding of using either a Mac or PC. We will be using the Internet, text and photo editing software such as Word, Pages and Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator. Although this course does not require any previous design experience delegates who already have completed, the UX Design Zero to Hero course will have an advantage, as they are already familiar with the UX design process.

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Course Outline

Introduction to UX research

  • Advantages of conducting research within UX design
  • Research process overview
  • Who is involved, what is needed?
  • Managing costs and resources
  • Using primary and secondary research
  • Understanding quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Generative vs. evaluative research
  • Using market research
  • Competitive analysis explained
  • When to use ethnographic research
  • Using existing data from marketing and sales resources
  • Research methods and tools examined:
    • Observations
    • Interviews
    • Shadowing
    • Questionnaires/Surveys
    • Photo ethnography
    • Focus groups
    • Usability testing

Planning Research

  • Research goals and deliverables
  • How long will it take to gather sufficient data?
  • The right method for your project
  • Setting up a research team
  • Recruiting participants
  • External vs. internal research
  • Asking the “right” questions

Research Documentation Tools

  • Choosing the right tool for your methods
  • Exploring ways to capture and document data:
    • Note taking
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Photos
    • How to take good observation notes
    • The dos and don’ts of video and sound recordings
    • Preparing recordings

Analysing & Presenting Findings

  • How to best analyse and extract user data
  • Taking advantage of information frameworks such as POEMS and 5Es
  • Working with experience maps
  • Using personas to help explain your research
  • Useful tools to visualise research outcomes
  • Evaluating the research process

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