Video Effects Specialist Master Class - Silver

$ 2,387.00

In this package, we give you all the tools you need to become a successful entry-level Video Effects Specialist.

This includes the following classes:

  • Premiere Pro 101
  • After Effects 101
  • After Effects 201
  • Photoshop 101
  • Illustrator 101

Benefit from the Wisdom

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Work Faster, Earn More

Reduce your production time by improving all your workflow processes.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Boost your career by improving your skills and getting Accreditation.


Who are these courses for?

Anyone who wants to capture entry level skills to work as a Video Effects Specialist.

Assumed Knowledge

We will assume little or no prior knowledge of any of the applications included in this package, but you should have a basic working knowledge of either the Windows or Mac.

What you will learn

Premiere Pro 101

Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful program for editing digital video. Premiere lets you create videos, as well as perform colour correction and work with audio. Students attending this course will learn the fundamentals of non-linear editing techniques.

After Effects 101

Bring your vision to life with blockbuster visual effects and compelling motion graphics in Adobe After Effects Professional software. Work with sophisticated tools and enjoy tight integration with Adobe’s leading design applications while you deliver stunning work to virtually any media type.

After Effects 201

Adobe After Effects is the industry leader for Video Compositing that allows you to create QuickTime movies for output on the Web, CD ROM, Monitor, or full-motion broadcast quality video for television. You will learn how to mix a number of still images together to create a moving texture. Placing Compositions into other Compositions, using Keyframes & Layers, and Effective Rendering techniques will also be covered.

Photoshop 101

This class provides you with the concepts and skills to use Adobe Photoshop effectively. You get hands-on practice working with basic through to intermediate techniques to get the most out of your experience. You will use Adobe Photoshop tools for painting, retouching and enhancing images.

Illustrator 101

At this course, you with learn a number of functions and tools needed to create basic vector illustrations. We will be looking at creating documents, explore graphic sizes, image resolutions, colour concepts and design principles. At the Illustrator course, you will have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the interface including panels. You will learn to use colour swatches, and patterns as well as a number of tools, while learning how to create geometrical shapes and control their appearance. The course aims at giving you the knowledge and skills needed to create artwork and export projects confidently for different media.


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