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Revit is the industry standard software for architects and structural engineers. Now you can start your Revit Architecture journey without spending a penny, with the Academy Class suite of free Revit Architecture tutorials.

Our collection of free tutorials for beginners make it easy to learn the basics of Revit, just by sitting at your computer. You’ll be introduced to the interface, temporary dimensions, elevations and levels, will learn how to build walls, columns and floors. In one of the tutorials we’ll look at the graphic display options as well. You’ll learn new skills that can kickstart your architecture and design career, today.

Even if you’ve never even opened Revit before, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll be able to do after watching our tutorials.

After you’ve completed our tutorials, we hope you’ll be excited to learn more. At Academy Class, we have the best Revit courses in the business. We can take you from beginner to Black Belt level, with our range of Autodesk certified courses.

There’s no obligation to buy, however. Just enjoy our free tutorials, and see what happens.