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Save Money with our Team Training Packages

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Our three packages offer you the ability to select from our variety of training courses, suited to your team.

Each package includes:

  • Online Instructor-Led Training
  • Online Software Assessment
  • Your selection of up to 7 training courses
  • Up to 15% off selected courses


Excl. Bespoke Courses.

7 Day Training Voucher

SAVE up to £300!

Take advantage of the flexibility and freedom offered by our training vouchers. Our use-when-you-need-them vouchers give you the freedom to take the training whenever you need it and at a discounted price.

Bespoke Team Training

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We offer flexible, cost-effective solutions for training multiple individuals across an organisation and allow any member within your organisation to book a public scheduled training course anytime over an 18-months.

Money Saving, Flexible Training Vouchers

Pay £997 for 7 Days Training – Save Up To £300

How Academy Class Vouchers Work:

  • You estimate the annual number of courses your team or organisation requires – our training advisor experts will assist you with this.
  • You purchase a block of Academy Class Vouchers equivalent to the annual number of courses you require. (The volume discount on the standard course fee is determined by the number of Vouchers purchased.)
  • Academy Class assigns a specific number to your block of Academy Class Vouchers, which you then use at your convenience over the next 18 months.

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Features of Our Training Course Discount Vouchers:

  • Vouchers valid for 15 months for all of our public scheduled courses in levels Beginner, Intermediate or Zero to HERO
  • Resit the course for free anytime within 18 months
  • Free exam re-sit
  • Vouchers can be used for exams
  • Vouchers can be used for bespoke training (no cancellations allowed within 10 days of course start)
  • No cancellation timescale or financial penalties (unless vouchers used for bespoke service)

What You Get:

  • Electronic course notes
  • 6 months of technical email support
  • Reports on staff progress
  • Free skills assessment
  • Price guarantee

Benefits of Our Instructor-Led Training

FUN FACT 1: If you are wondering if investing in equipment would be better spent, look at these statistics in a study conducted by the National Center on the Educational Quality of the Workforce (EQW).

Productivity % Increased

Academy Class - Fun Fact

FUN FACT 2: Did you know that 90% of people don’t finish DIY Video courses?

Academy Class - Fun Fact

Unrivalled Training Solutions for Best ROI

Designers, developers, coders, animators, editors and more!

Training Costs Money and Time!

When done correctly, training is a profitable investment, not a cost!

DIY Online Courses are Cheaper?

  • Did they finish their DIY online training? 90% of people don’t.
  • Did they cover workflow processes, learn best practice and were they shown shortcuts? If they were has there production time decreased and production output increased?
  • How did they interact with the trainer and learn from other delegates?
  • Did they take an accredited exam?
  • How was it decided which course level met their existing knowledge?

Unrivalled Training Solutions from Academy Class? Really?


With over 20 years of training experience and expertise, our advisors offer unrivalled training solutions guaranteed to get the most efficient training program to up-skill your staff and assist them to help achieve your business objectives.

Experienced Instructors:

Equipped with years of experience our instructors will assure a successful leap in your teams knowledge, improvement and preperation.

Software Certifications:

Show your team that training is an investment in their development & capturing certification is an integral part.

Onsite Surgery:

One of our experienced instructors can attend your office & work closely with your team to offer them immediate advice on their skills & projects.

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Sharjil Quraishi

Learning & Development Specialist

A Learning and Development Specialist with excellent interpersonal skills and extensive knowledge of the industry-standard software’s in design, engineering, video production and 3D/VR Game Development. I hold an Undergrad Degree (BSc) in International Business and Marketing and a Master Degree (MA) in Digital Media Studies from a reputable University in the UK, so combining my academic background with my work experience thus far, gives me an excellent ability to consider every enquiry from our students perspective and from a business point of view.

“Fantastic course led by a very professional instructor. No attitude and nothing to elevate ego over the students (as sometimes experienced elsewhere). Always happy to answer questions and figure out specific techniques pertinent to our jobs. A great experience over the entire course. Friendly staff. Beautiful location. Nicely timed breaks. Would definitely recommend.”

Brian L, London

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course and have learnt so much in a relatively short space of time. Really worthwhile. The teacher was really knowledgeable and helpful.”

Vince W, London

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