The Architecture Firm Playbook


Simple Strategies to help you thrive as an architect while building a successful practice.

Discover a simple way to end the business chaos and return to the task you love-architecture.

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Architectural Business Plan

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Calling all small business owners:

Are you ready to transform your architecture practice into one that requires less micromanagement from you and practically runs on autopilot?

Discover simple business-management strategies to help you create a freedom firm that will allow you to focus on your love of architecture.

The Architecture Firm Playbook


Without sustainable business systems and processes in place, running an architecture firm is stressful (and risky).

Enoch Bartlett Sears

From the desk of:
Enoch Bartlett Sears, AIAFounder and Publisher
Business of Architecture

Dear Business Owner:

Imagine you’re in an island village.

And, you’re employed to collect water from the river. Many people would walk back and forth, filling buckets to carry back from the river. Not the wisest use of time or energy.

Instead of this tiresome practice, you build an innovative pipeline to bring water to the village, completely freeing up this daily schedule and saving energy for other tasks.

While the pipeline may require more initial set-up time with minimal rewards from your labor.

Over time you can build a business that runs successfully while you sleep ( or steal some time away on vacation)

That’s the best part about creating a sustainable business system and process flow; they can continue to work while you sleep.

Unfortunately, most small design and architecture businesses don’t know how to harness proven processes and systems for their firm. And prove inefficient in comparison to their competitors as they waste time re-inventing the wheel with each repeated task or new employee.

Business Struggles

I'm multitasking and not doing a single task well!

In 1997 serial business builder and investor Richard Koch wrote the book “The 80/20 Principle.”

In his book, Koch explains that 80% of the tasks you are doing are hardly producing any results, while a tiny 20% of the things you do produce the bulk of your results!

While small architecture business owners wear many hats, most hats are best worn by someone else and tasks delegated to various employees. A good architectural business plan needs to be in place to manage these roles.

By delegating and focusing only on your most powerful 20%, you will see greater success in your personal and business goals- Whether that means more income, more time to design, or more family time.

Your Road to Freedom

When the Model T automobile was launched in 1908, Ford Motor Company, the course of history was forever changed. Daylong buggy and horse trips were reduced to hours.

Transport was revolutionized by allowing people to travel faster and in more comfort. Society could enjoy newfound freedom unhindered by time and distance constraints of outdated buggy rides.

Proper business systems and processes can have the same result for your practice.

This is why I created the Dream Practice Accelerator.

Road to Freedom

Simple Strategies to help you thrive as an architect while building a successful practice.

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