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Training Options

Would you like to find a suitable training course? If you are thinking about training options for your staff or yourself, there are a few things that you should know.

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to skills training. Academy Class specializes in developing programs that meet the needs of modern employees. Organizations that are looking to upgrade their workforce can now do so with ease at Academy Class. Additionally, individuals who wish to improve their employability will benefit from this development.

We have outlined our training options to help you find the best fit for you or your company:

We have the largest catalogue of software training courses on the market.


Upskill Your Team and Get Things Done
Better and Faster!

Academy Class offers your company Industry Leading Training Solutions! We care for your company’s biggest asset: its people.
Investing in talent is vital to sustainable business growth and success. Workgroups that engaged in employee development experienced a sales increase and profits double compared to workgroups that didn’t engage at all, according to a study conducted by Gallup.

Without up-to-date training, an employees will lack the necessary knowledge to best perform in a company. Within the world of any shape or form of design and development, things change and improve by the minute and if you as a company fail to keep your employees adequately trained as your top competitors do, they will underperform. Change is inevitable and it happens for a reason. When new trends arise or techniques emerge, they do so, because more often than not, they are more efficient and effective than their predecessors.

Training Vouchers for Companies

Flexible | Cost Saving | Convenient

Academy Class Vouchers are a flexible, cost-effective solution for training multiple individuals within a team or across an organisation and allow any member within your organisation to book a public scheduled training course anytime over an 18-month period.

Multiple users can make dramatic savings, booking 20 days or more training blocks from the Academy Class public course schedule. It’s up to you how many Academy Class Vouchers you purchase. We will work with you to identify training needs using our free online skills assessment surveys.

  • No timescale on free re-sits
  • Free exam re-sit
  • Vouchers can be used for exams
  • Vouchers can be used for bespoke training (no cancellations allowed within 10 days of course start)
  • No cancellation timescale or financial penalties (unless vouchers used for bespoke service)
  • Electronic course notes
  • 6 months of technical email support
  • Vouchers valid for 18 months
  • Free skills assessment
  • Video tutorials
  • Price guarantee
  • You estimate the annual number of courses your team or organisation requires – our training advisor experts will assist you with this.
  • You purchase a block of Academy Class Vouchers equivalent to the annual number of courses you require. (The volume discount on the standard course fee is determined by the number of Vouchers purchased.)
  • Academy Class assigns a specific number to your block of Academy Class Vouchers, which you then use at your convenience over the next 18 months.


You can receive Career Development Solutions designed to meet your needs with Academy Class.

What to expect when you train individually with Academy Class:

Attend a real-time, instructor-led class without leaving home with a small online training group of peers. Interact, ask questions, just like you would in a physical classroom. You can also request one-on-one online training.

We try to lend a helping hand where we can.
Educational institutes can get a 10% discount on all bookings.
Charities and Not-For-Profit organisations have 15% discounted from their bookings.
Public Sector organisations receive 10% discount on all bookings.

Are you unsure about which courses you should be taking to achieve your career ambitions?|

Have a look at our Learning Paths page to see which training path our industry experts advise you take to reach your goals

Demonstrate your capabilities to clients and employers with accredited exams to raise your exposure and enhance your business or career opportunities.

Let us know on the first day of your training if something isn’t quite right and give us a chance to fix it or get your money back. Even more – you are more than welcome to come back and retake the class FREE of charge up to 18 months after you have taken the class.
Still not sure? Check out our reviews on CourseCheck.

Equipped with years of industry experience our instructors will assure a successful leap in your knowledge, productivity and workflow.


The process for generating bespoke course content is to use the generic course content and create a course that meets the specific needs of those involved with your project. It would be beneficial if a relevant project was used as a core component of the bespoke course.

  • The content is specific to the project and skill sets of delegates.
  • The project continues to be developed whilst training is delivered.
  • Delegates receive relevant training and new skill sets.
  • Delegates receive insight into an applications best practice, short cuts and workflow process.
  • Delegates can call upon the experienced trainer to offer ‘consultancy’ in relation to the project.
  • Generic course outline is considered by you to identify the required course topics in line with the project requirements or based on your current skill sets and returned to Academy Class.
  • Project trainer will then consider the required content and create, in conjunction with the you, the final course content for approval.

It is recommend that delegates consider the course details and identify their specific requirements, which will help with clarifying the learning and business objectives and determine the duration of the course. Once this has been completed, a conversation with our trainers to further explore the requirements for the course


What are the benefits of live online/instructor-led training?

  • Live Online training can be attended from anywhere in the world and saves time traveling to and from the training location
  • Live Online classes have a smaller number of people than in traditional face-to-face classes, this offers a more personalized experience to each delegate:
  • From our experience, if you have 8, 10, or 12 students in a live online session, then the discussions and activities start becoming broader and less applicable to each individual.
  • Due to its similarity, Live Online classes are of the same quality as traditional face-to-face classes. Without the added expense of being in a physical classroom setting.
  • The anonymity of not being physically present in a classroom is a benefit to learners who are attending online sessions: Learners who feel afraid to speak or raise their issues in a physical classroom may often feel more confident when they know other members attending the course cannot see them.
  • Live Online training offers a chance for people with disabilities to attend their courses from home. Without the hassle of planning travel and potentially incurring costs of having a helper accompany them to the classrooms. They have an equal chance to upskill and be competent in today’s ever-challenging job market.
  • Live Online learning is the cheaper and greener option. No travel means we reduce our carbon footprint and be part of the greater good.

It may seem easier and cheaper to have your staff do DIY online courses, but:

  • Did they finish the online training? 90% of people don’t.
  • Did they cover workflow process, learn best practice and shown short cuts? If they were, has their production time decreased and production output increased?
  • How did they interact with the trainer and learn from other delegates?
  • Did they take an accredited exam?
  • How was it decided which level of course meet their existing knowledge?